A Global Basic Income for everyone,

monthly airdrops, Investment Fund and P2P-marketplace.

The ICO is finished, please monitor your email.

What is myMincome?

INC is a digital cryptocurrency with the aim to provide the easiest payment solution for online shopping and social media. Furthermore we will distribute a global Basic Income.

INC Payment

Social Messenger Integration and Browser Payment Plugin. There is no easier way to send coins to other users and to pay in online shops.

Index Fund Investment

Invest in our Index Fund, which contains the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization and rebalances monthly. This reduces the risk and allows a higher profit.

P2P Marketplace

Stake INC and you will receive a 10% airdrop every month from us. Lend capital on our P2P Marketplace and earn interest on a weekly basis, trade other coins or buy goods and vouchers.

Basic Income Raffle

Every customer is able to win a Basic Income by participating in our regular raffles. Each winner receives 1 ETH every month for one year. Our first regular raffle will start in early June.

We will implement a guaranteed Basic Income on the blockchain with monthly payment. Our users and token holders will be able to participate in our regular raffles which will give them a solid and stable income for one year. You will be able to use INC in multiple ways in the future: to make fast and low fee transactions, to buy raffle tickets, to pay in shops, to lend it and to stake it with monthly airdrops for all token holders. Furthermore you will have the possibility to invest in our Index Fund and to use our P2P marketplace with weekly interests. We are also working on a Browser Plugin and Social Messenger Integration to make it easier for people to access cryptocurrencies. Our ambition is to provide the easiest payment solution for online shopping and social media. Learn more below on How it works.

The myMincome Idea

Our Vision

Our goal is to create the easiest payment experience for everybody and to provide a passive Basic Income for our investors. All coin holders will participate in our airdrops. You will earn at least 10% of your coin value monthly. Our customers are able to invest in our Index Fund, which had a remarkable return in 2017.


A worldwide digital Basic Income is save from any kind of governmental control. Using the blockchain technology, myMincome will empower you to be independent of any authority or employing institution.


We are using the Ethereum Blockchain, which means fast and transparent transactions with low fees. INC is a third generation cryptocurrency and is written in Solidity, designed as a Smart Contract and executed as an ERC-20 token.


my-Min-come means: my minimal income and stands for a Global Basic Income on the Blockchain for everybody with a secure and anonymous payment. The idea comes from the Canadian guaranteed annual income project during the 1970s.

myMincome ICO

Phase Coins Price Dates Status
Pre-sale 10,000,000 USD 0.05 March 9th, 2018 finished ✔
Flash Sale 10,000,000 USD 0.08 March 17th, 2018 finished ✔
Main Sale 40,000,000 USD 0.10 March 25th, 2018 finished ✔
Softcap 15,000,000 - - -
Total ICO 60,000,000 - - -

Token Distribution


How works myMincome?

Payment, Investment, Marketplace, Raffle

INC Payment

The easiest way to pay in online shops and to send money to friends

We are building a decentral P2P payment system, where no central services or institutions are needed. The INC coin can be used in multiple ways:
Social Messenger Integration. We are working on a Social Messenger Integration for literally all big Messengers like facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. You will be able to send INC coins to family, friends or other users just by using your favorite Messenger App. You send an INC-link to the recipient who confirms the receipt. After confirming the response again, the money will be credited to the recipient's wallet. It is simple, secure by double check and works on virtually all messenger apps in all environments wherever you are in the world!
Browser Plugin. The other huge feature is our INC Browser Plugin. We have created a Browser Plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome, which allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies in virtually every online shop. The plugin works as a proxy between the online shop and your INC-coins. As soon as you make a purchase, your coins will instantaneously be exchanged in any currency requested by the shop. You can hold your cryptocurrency until your purchase. There is no easier and safer way to spend your coins. We plan to add more cryptocurrencies in the future.


Fund Investment

Invest in our INC Index Top 10 Fund with guaranteed profits

Our Index Fund contains the 10 biggest and strongest cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization and will be rebalanced monthly. You can invest quick and easy with only one click in our Index Fund. The Fund includes the high rated currencies, for example Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, Neo, iota and more. Our Fund is designed on the 0x-blockchain technology, which allows fast and stable transaction with no fees. It works absolutely decentralized, no website, exchanges or other institutions in between are necessary. The Fund holders can just trade the Fund P2P. We only charge a low management fee of 1.5% p.a. All ICO participants receive an exclusive discount of 25%. The Fund strategy has shown remarkable results in 2017 with lower risk than investing in bitcoin. The graph shows a 100 Dollar invest from January to December 2017: Bitcoin vs INC Index Top 10.

currency ranking 11/2017 12/2017 01/2018
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum
3 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash Ripple
4 Ripple Ripple Bitcoin Cash
5 Litecoin Dash Cardano
6 Dash Litecoin Litecoin
7 NEO Bitcoin Gold NEM
8 NEM IOTA Stellar
9 Monero Cardano IOTA
10 Ethereum Classic Monero EOS

P2P Marketplace

Participate in our monthly airdrops or lend your coins to other users

Our Shareholders are given a share of the profits. Anyone who is holding INC will automatically participate in our airdrops. You will receive interest up to 10% on monthly basis payed in INC. All token holder will receive a commission from each raffle ticket we sold. Furthermore you will receive a bonus and participation in our lending and trading program. Commission payouts are secured by smart contracts and provide token holders an almost endless source of income. We will be buying INC back in order to provide the supply for our regularly airdrops, which will also increase the price. The first repurchase starts in May for 0.20 USD/INC. In the near future we also plan to start our decentralized P2P Marketplace, where users can use INC to trade other coins, buy tickets to participate in our Basic Income raffle, or buy goods and amazon vouchers. Furthermore you will be able to lend capital on our P2P lending program to other costumers or invest in our trading strategies in order to earn interest on weekly and monthly basis. You can earn up to 5% per week and up to 20% per month, depending on the available slots.


Raffle Tickets

Join myMincome and win a Basic Income for one year

We will organize regular raffles, where you can win a Basic Income with monthly payments for one year. The payments will be executed in the value of 1 ETH per month. You have the opportunity in participate in our regular raffles by buying our limited raffle tickets. All our token holder who participate in our ICO will automatically take part in our first raffle. The first raffle will start in early June. You can watch every drawing transparent on YouTube. Every winner address will be displayed on our website.

Ticket Price 2 USD
Basic Income (1 month) 1 ETH
Basic Income (12 month) 12 ETH
Ticket Supply* 5000

*depends on the ETH price




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